Look forward to your work-life balance

For freelancers, finding a supportive coworking space that matches their working style and preferred environment might take a little bit of time and research, but the benefits are plenty.

Venus Co-works aims to solve some of the common freelancer dilemmas.

Coworking spaces need to stimulate the productive work mindset by ensuring people who use their facilities are like-minded. If you’ve ever sat at a location, you’d know that there is generally an air of dedication and commitment that surrounds members.
Rather than browsing Facebook for an extended period you’d be more compelled to achieve goals during hours of operation.

Since coworking spaces are targeted to everyone from freelancers to mid-sized companies, the opportunity to interact with thought leaders and advisors are omnipresent. For freelancers, having access to these individuals is a boon as they are people that are respected and acknowledged for their timeless advice. As a freelancer, getting in touch with these people otherwise, could be a struggle!

In continuation, by being within a coworking environment, freelancers have the ability to socialise and interact with the ecosystem. By bringing together people from different backgrounds, there exists an opportunity to chat with individuals in common areas about their day-to-day. During these conversations, there is a high chance that opportunities to cooperate might exist and this might just be another lead generation stream for them.
Next, for freelancers, flexibility is everything! Freelancers, just like normal human beings have ‘hours of productivity’. Depending on the job it could either be in the wee hours of the morning or midday. For a freelancer, the flexibility of access to their workspace is paramount.

They also on the flipside allow for a distinction to be created between work and life, which freelancers almost always struggle with. By having a coworking ‘location’ and a home ‘location’ – they can dedicate enough time to both and be mentally present at one space at one time

Additionally, most shared spaces do come with the facility of conference room(s). When inviting potential or current clients, investors or business acquaintances – this dedicated workspace and conference room does send a signal of seriousness and relevancy. By setting yourself up for a professional work front, you are setting yourself up for professional success.