The new way forward

Fast-forward to 2019 where coworking is now booming. Professionals from all walks of life are leaving traditional offices for shared office environments. A new generation of consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs and even enterprise level companies are realizing the value of collaborative workspace. This amazing concept has taken hold across almost every industry and in turn a boon for agencies.
So, why are all these businesses and individuals adopting this burgeoning concept?
The opportunity to learn from thought leaders first-hand is invaluable. You can collect meaningful insight into their business and uncover potential marketing opportunities they may find equally valuable.

For an Agency, this is one of the best ways to build and grow with an ecosystem of professionals. Regardless of where you go throughout the coworking space, you are going to run into enthusiastic and energetic professionals that are excited to share their various passions. The opportunity to strike up a conversation and build a lasting professional relationship is literally right around the corner.

In contrast to traditional office space, the energy in shared workspaces is off the charts. Many of the folks working here are entrepreneurs and industry experts that are constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible. Their energy for the workday and enthusiasm for life are contagious. It will certainly give you the boost you need on those days when coffee simply isn’t enough.
Leasing your own office space is expensive. Plus, finding an “affordable” location that has just the right amount of space you need is nearly impossible. The beauty of coworking spaces is that you pay for the space you need. Amenities like Internet, cleaning and mail are included in the monthly rent. As a bonus, you also get access to conference rooms and communal spaces.

There are several perks offered by the coworking space that help it become the tight-knit community it’s intended to be. There are also a number of hosted events and guest speakers to provide further opportunities to engage with others in the business community.